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The Blues

The blues are blooming in my garden right now.  The first flowers to bloom this spring.  Bluebells that came from the property my grandfather farmed back in the 1960’s.

Virginia Bluebells

Before they open they have a pinkish purple hue to them.

Virginia Bluebells waiting to open

Last year when adding flora and fauna to my shade gardens, I came across a plant with the tiniest of blue flowers, only a quarter-inch in diameter.  They have a similar look to Forget-Me-Nots, but do not have any yellow in the center.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced the tag and do not recall the name of this plant.

The leaves are just as eye-catching as the tiny blue flowers.  I had planted two, one did not survive and I plan on replacing it in a few weeks.  The blues are blooming and after a day at the office it’s nice to come home and spending some time in my garden.  Macro photography and flowers to clear the mind at the end of the day.