A Winter Sunday Drive

A winter Sunday drive on a cold and windy day with the goal of watching bald eagles.  My husband and Madison were with me.  It was too cold and windy to stay and watch for the majestic bald eagles for any length of time.  On the way home I chose to take a more scenic route along the Great River Road between the towns of Keokuk and Montrose, Iowa. A narrow windy and hilly tree-lined road.  Even in winter it is a beautiful drive.

Not many vehicles were on the road and as I looked in my rearview mirror was an image I wanted to make.  The bare trees hovering over the road creating a natural tunnel and providing cover from the wind.  As I was processing this image, I first processed it as I saw it, then as a black and white image.  But neither showed how it felt.  It felt cold and quiet.  So I continued to process the image until it portrayed how felt, not what I saw.


Great River Road between Keokuk and Montrose, Iowa

And for the bald eagles, just one image from this winter Sunday drive.

Bald Eagle - Keokuk, Iowa

Bald Eagle – Keokuk, Iowa


2 thoughts on “A Winter Sunday Drive

  1. Bob

    TAMMY…..S0….You felt cold and lonely on this strip of road…

    I feel that often……but we are not alone,,,,we are being watched…

    Whether it be a lonesome Eagle…I hidden mouse…or an

    Angel with wings….among the tree limbs….

    LOOK CLOSELY….The Angel is there….and you are NOT ALONE !!! I see her…..and feel Warm….

    Let me know !



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