Abstract Red Maple

Red maple leaves blowing in the wind

Red maple leaves blowing in the wind

My favorite tree in the fall is a red maple, Acer rubrum.  The leaves are such a brilliant red and sometimes have a purple hue to them depending on the light.  In my previous post, Red Maple Tree, my images were classic.  But something I like to do if it is windy, is to make the wind my friend allowing the movement of the leaves to create my image.  The image above is just that, by using a slower shutter speed, the image created is abstract.  The shutter speed just fast enough to help the viewer see the leaves.  On a calm day you can still make abstract images by intentionally moving your camera while the shutter is open.  Abstract images are not appreciated by all, some prefer the classic.  Me?  I like both depending on the day.  Below is a gallery of more abstract images, you may click on any of them to see a larger view.


4 thoughts on “Abstract Red Maple

  1. jazzyjenness

    I do like some abstract. My favorite picture is the third and fourth picture. My old camera phone used to have a feature that I still miss. It’s called blink. I would take a picture of a tree or leaves and then it would appear as if it was moving.


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