Summer Night In Rural Iowa

It has been far too long since I have gone out with my camera. Today was rather warm, but tonight as the sun went down so did the temperature. A summer night in rural Iowa like I remember from days gone by, a bit cooler, not too humid and the bugs were leaving me alone.  A nice evening for a walk and what better place than the walking path Molly and I walked along so many times. The Queen Anne’s lace is blooming and putting on quite the show this summer.  Along the path I also saw milkweed soon to be in bloom,Gray Headed coneflowers and purple coneflowers that were too hard to get to in order to photograph up close.  But in the second to last photo in the gallery below, if you look close along the bottom you will see a few purple coneflowers.  As I walked along the path I could hear the birds chirping before calling it a day, the crickets were chirping and in the pond just beyond the cattails, the bullfrogs were bellowing.  The sounds of summer that I had almost forgotten having lived in the city for so many years.  As the sun set the fireflies or lightning bugs as we called them, were lighting as they were flying amongst the soybeans and wildflowers.

Until next time, enjoy my images of a summer night in rural Iowa…..



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