Snake Alley In Spring


Snake Alley in spring with St. John’s Catholic Church in the distance.

Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa, was once recognized as the crookedest street in America by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  However, Lombard Street in San Francisco has more curves, but Snake Alley’s curves are sharper.  The street was built in 1894 and intended to connect downtown and the neighborhood shopping area.  The idea was conceived by three German immigrants and the road was completed in 1898.  It is made of mostly blueclay bricks and limestone and consists of five half curves and two quarter curves that cover a distance of 275 feet and rises 58.3 feet with a 21% grade.  Along the west side of the alley are several stairs to climb either up or down.  Vehicles are still allowed to drive down the alley and some people still have homes that driveways are only accessible from Snake Alley.

A few years ago while visiting Iowa, I had photographed Snake Alley during the autumn.  I had seen photos of Snake Alley in full bloom in spring, and wanting to see it and photograph it was on my list since moving back to Iowa.  The trees weren’t at peak bloom, but the beautiful white puffy clouds made up for it.  It was quite windy on this day and difficult to capture the blooms without movement.  Snake Alley in spring with the trees blooming is certainly a sight to see!




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