Friday Floral – Grape Hyacinths

The calendar says it is spring and Mother Nature agrees.  Early spring flowers are blooming and the honey bees are already hard at work.  Below are Grape Hyacinths, muscari, is a perennial bulbous plant native to Eurasia.  Most commonly blue, the flowers resemble bunches of grapes.

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grape hyacinth with honey bee



9 thoughts on “Friday Floral – Grape Hyacinths

  1. Carrie

    So interesting Tamara, I posted for my Flowers on Friday series a similar Hyacinth. Although, I didn’t know the name at first…so many new flowers to learn since we moved. Love your bee, happy spring!

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      I just went and saw your post, very pretty! The Grape Hyacinths are so small, I was laying on the ground to make this image. The bee was quite cooperative for me! Happy spring to you as well!

      1. Carrie

        Ahh the life of a flower photographer, one with the ground 🙂 Thank you, I just found it such a coincidence that we would each post a similar flower. Looking forward to seeing more springtime wonder from Iowa!

      2. tbeckerphotos Post author

        I have already done a little bit of scouting of the woodland wildflowers! Luckily for me I have family that have some on their property.

      1. tbeckerphotos Post author

        Thank you Nancy, it’s been a rough few weeks at our house. We lost our best furry friend, Molly, and it has been extremely difficult. It was sudden and quite unexpected.

      2. Nancy

        Oh… I am so sorry to hear. Hugs to you. Losing our furry family is very difficult. My heart is sad for you. Hoping you feel better soon. But I know it is VERY very hard!

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