Frost Covered Window

ice-crystals-window-winter-4188It was the last hour of the day on Saturday, the wind howling, the temperature was 4 degrees Fahrenheit and a windchill of -16 degrees.  Frost was covering some of our windows.  The coldest night so far this winter and the forecast for Sunday was a high of 12 degrees Fahrenheit.      While most people were probably sleeping at that hour, I was wide awake.  The perfect opportunity to make some macro images of the frost!  The darkness of night made for a perfect black background.  Inside the lights were turned off and using my headlamp, I illuminated the frost covered window.

frost-ice-crystals-winter-macro-4196tEarly the next morning as night was turning to day, I rose still thinking of the frost covered window.  The window had more frost as it was now just 1 degree Fahrenheit and a windchill of -21.  The soft light was too much to resist and I set up my camera to make more images of the frost.  The frost looked like plants and my husband said it looked like tiny ferns.  After making several images, I stopped and made some coffee.  While pondering on whether to bundle up and go out for breakfast, the sun had risen high enough to illuminate the frost and it was sparkling.

ice-crystals-winter-4234My tripod was still in front of the window, grabbing my camera again,  I worked quickly to capture this beautiful light.  Although the golden hour was over, the sunlight in winter is soft and it was coming through the window at an angle.  The beautiful side light added texture to the delicate sparkling frost covered window.

Below is a gallery of images of the frost covered window I made,  with the exception of the image made at night, all are color images.  I continue to embrace the season and look for beauty!

13 thoughts on “Frost Covered Window

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you! Macro photography has been my passion for the past few years. Since moving to the Midwest I have been shooting mostly landscape, but this frost was just too much to resist! I could have shot for hours had the sun not melted the frost.

  1. Sartenada

    They are gorgeous. I have shot photos from Ice crystals from our balcony. I do not have macro lenses, but zoom lens and I think that I managed quite well.

    Have great day!


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