Rival Sunrises and Sunsets



We have had gorgeous sunrises and sunsets this week in Southeast Iowa and in my opinion rival sunrises and sunsets in Arizona.  Not something some people would expect as Arizona is known for incredible sunrises and sunsets.




Sunset at Oakland Mills, Henry County, Iowa


The above sunset was taken from my driveway.  I hadn’t planned on shooting sunrise and noticed that my living room was aglow in a beautiful pink light.  I grabbed my compact camera and quickly shot this image.  Later that day I headed out for sunset and saw this amazing sky!








The next morning I was again surprised by an amazing sunrise and shot this image from my backyard.







And today, I saw the sky was going to again explode with color so I quickly grabbed my gear and headed out.  Rival sunrises and sunsets from Southeast Iowa!


Sunrise at East Lake Park



Sunrise at East Lake Park







8 thoughts on “Rival Sunrises and Sunsets

  1. Nancy

    Oh I do agree… There are other places then just Arizona for sunrises and sunsets. I just posted a magnificent one last week from Pennsylvania. God likes to paint everywhere.
    Nice unplanned shot! Love it!


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