Some Macro Images

Since moving to Iowa, almost all of my images have been landscape.  Quite different from all of the macro images I made in Arizona.  It seems strange to me that macro images have not been on my radar.  Now that fall color has faded away and it is not yet winter, maybe I will be shooting more macro.  The light is softer here not only due to being further north, but also the time of year and I’m loving it!  Here are some macro images of tree bark I made over the weekend while out for an afternoon walk with Molly.





2 thoughts on “Some Macro Images

  1. Carrie

    Tamara, how long ago did you move? I seem to have missed that! Beautiful macro work, tree bark in beautiful light, it is so inviting and interesting. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new surroundings. Thanks for sharing them.


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