Sunday Stroll in the Park


A beautiful November afternoon full of sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s.  We took Molly for a Sunday stroll in the park and I was able to get a few shots with my Nikon P7000.  Almost all of the leaves have fallen from the trees and most have dried and turned brown.  However, I did find some colorful red maple leaves.



I saw the largest leaf in the creek and wished I was wearing my new Muck Boots.  Then I could take it home and measure just how big it was.  Instead we wandered around and I found another leaf and stood on to get a shot to show just how big they are.  They look like an enormous maple leaf, but I have no idea what kind of tree this is.












There was one tree that had dropped all of its buttery yellow leaves and they were spread out like a blanket  and covered with the late afternoon shadows.






As we were leaving the park I took one final image near the hospital of another tree that had dropped many leaves and the sun was shining through cast a lovely warm light.




Below is a gallery of the images from today.  You can click on any one of them to see a larger versions.



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