A Foggy Morning

A foggy morning, I am so looking forward to more of these.  Fog was rare in the Arizona desert and I was only able to photograph it once.  Autumn color has faded and the trees have shed most if not all of their leaves.  This is the time of year that is sometimes described as drab.  For me, the light is even and nature is providing a soft box.

fog-trees-autumn-east-lake-TJB2094The day started with clear skies as I rose at 6 a.m. with the hope of fog as the weather report had stated the night before.  Then a couple of hours later there was dense fog!  I grabbed all my gear and headed out.  I have been visualizing an image for several years and was hoping to finally get that shot.  Unfortunately, that park had little fog.  So on to plan B and another location.  The fog became more dense as I drove closer to my next location.



With dense fog, some of the “clutter” that would be in some shots was now hidden.  Walking around the lake, I stopped frequently to take in the beauty of the fog.  As I was near making a full circumference, the fog was starting to life and more of what was left of the autumn color could now be seen.

Below is a gallery of images made on this morning of the trees showing the last bit of autumn color.


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