A Bird’s Eye View

Today was a wonderful sunny day with temperatures in the low 70’s.  Such a beautiful day for November 1st.  But on such a day we need to clean out our gutters as they were full of leaves.  I am not fond of ladders or heights, but chose to try to conquer those fears today.  While up on the roof I had a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding neighborhood.  The photographer in me was looking for potential images and then I noticed the water tower through a v shape in some limbs on a neighbor’s tree that had already lost all of its leaves.


Water tower in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Mentioning to my husband that I was seeing a great shot and unfortunately didn’t have my camera.  He went inside and got it for me.  Then I suggested he grab my compact camera and get a shot of me shooting on top of our roof.  And here is the proof…..


Hope everyone had a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “A Bird’s Eye View

  1. solarbeez

    When I got the metal roof on the upper story, I knew there was NO WAY I was going to risk getting on the smooth roof to clean out the gutters. I went to a fabrication shop to ask about inventing a gutter grabber. The guy said, why not just buy one that’s already made, and showed me this one… http://www.jracenstein.com/item/55-06/gutter-sense-tongs/
    I’ve been very happy to be able to clean the gutters without using a ladder.
    Looks like you’ve made the move to your new state. Goodbye desert, hello farm country!


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