From the Southwest to the Midwest

It has been almost two months since moving from the Southwest to the Midwest.  And the move started out with quite the monsoon storm in Arizona!

Traveling north on I-17 through a monsoon storm was beyond nerve-wracking.  Watching the moving truck my husband was driving swaying and the trailer he was pulling with my vehicle fish-tailing was the scariest driver ever on that freeway.  Over the 29 years of living in Arizona I had traveled that stretch of interstate many times and had never been so afraid.

Memorial of citizens who dies in the F5 tornado in Greensburg, Kansas

Memorial of citizens who dies in the F5 tornado in Greensburg, Kansas

On the second full day of driving we stopped in Greensburg, Kansas.  Greensburg was completely destroyed by a F5 tornado in 2007.  The town decided to rebuild and to rebuild green.  We walked around town and saw some of the buildings that we had seen in the tv documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.  There are still areas that you can see where there was originally a building with only the foundation remaining and other buildings with partial walls and stairs that still stand.





20150828-DSCN6512On the final day of the move we were in Kansas and Kansas really didn’t want us to leave!  We had only been on the road for about 15 or 20 minutes when my husband was motioned that something was wrong.  He stopped and I continued on as I didn’t see him pull off the freeway.  We had trouble with the straps staying on the front wheels of my vehicle and he thought that was the problem.  We called U-Haul and they sent us to the nearest dealer.  20150828-DSCN6514They said they weren’t suppose to do any repairs, however, the manager immediately called U-Haul to see if they could get permission to replace the tire and get us on the road.  Sure enough, they had us back on the road in about 45 minutes!  If you ever are near Newton, Kansas and are in need of an auto repair shop, we can highly recommend R Pro Tire!

We were then back on the road and headed to a place that has been on my bucket list for a few years.  The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City, Kansas..  We were less than 20 miles from the preserve and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of at least stopping for short visit.  I can hardly wait to go back and spend a few days photographing this beautiful landscape.




And finally shortly before sunset we crossed the state line into Iowa!

5 thoughts on “From the Southwest to the Midwest

  1. Bob

    Tammy…Welcome HOME….Where are you living? I need your new e-mail address.

    FYI: I don’t do face book…nor do I text on my antique flip phone. Keep your photos coming.


  2. solarbeez

    You’re moving to Iowa? You’re going to trade the hot dry desert for hot humid summers and snowy cold winters? Maybe it’s my age, but I don’t understand how anyone would want to move after spending so many years in one place. I grew up in Phoenix, but I’ve been in Oregon over 40 years and can’t contemplate moving anywhere else. I guess you could say I’m set in my ways. Good luck with your relocation.


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