Sunday Stroll

sunset-canal-phoenix-6141Yesterday we took a Sunday stroll along the canal in east Phoenix instead of our typical walk around our neighborhood.  Something different.  Many people jog, walk with or without a dog, or ride bikes along the canal.  There were a few clouds in the sky and I was going they would turn shades of pink and the light would reflect on the water in the canal.  An urban sunset image or two would be different.  Arizona is known for its spectacular sunsets and although the sky did not turn crimson red, it certainly didn’t disappoint.  What really caught my attention was the reflection on the water.  I zoomed in so that only the water was filling my frame and the image below is the outcome.  The sunset reflection along the canal was somewhat impressionistic and somewhat abstract and definitely something different.

reflection of sunset on the SRP canal in Phoenix

Reflection of sunset on the water along the canal in east Phoenix.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll

  1. seekraz

    Very nice, Tamara…I cross two canals on my way home and have considered stopping to make a few photos myself, just haven’t gotten around to it yet…. I was out by Tempe Town Lake for work the other day, looking at the cranes being used to build all of those new buildings nearby and thought of the images you captured during your last venture down there…memorable photographs with strong reference points for us locals. 🙂

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you Scott! The canals don’t look photographic by themselves, but with a sunrise/sunset reflection that changes everything! The cranes near Tempe Town Lake make for some interesting urban landscapes images! Urban landscapes is a genre I have been doing more often and am liking it. Especially now that are ‘friends’ the rattlesnakes are out!

  2. Carrie

    Beautiful! What a color pallet in that reflection. My parents live in Mesa, they boast about their sunsets all the time 🙂 Have you wandered the Riparian Park and trails in Gilbert? We love wandering around there when we visit.

      1. Carrie

        True, there are some incredible blooms there different times of the year and my boys love the snaking walls to run on and find their way across the openings.
        I am really enjoying your posts, gives me a sense of where my mom and dad are, lovely.

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