Globemallow – Perennial Wildflower


A small globemallow plant along the Pipeline Canyon Trail at Lake Pleasant.

Globemallow is a perennial wildflower in Arizona and is full of blooms this year. The most common variety is the desert globemallow which has orange blooms. Globemallow can be a variety of colors from white, shades of pink, lavender, orange and even red. This spring it has become one of my favorite wildflowers to photograph.  On several outings I have been fortunate to photograph a variety of colors.


While waiting for sunset at Picacho Peak State Park a few weeks ago, there was lavender globemallow near the Sunset Trailhead where I had planned a sunset shoot.  Working with beautiful late afternoon sidelight and my reflector to pop light into the shadows, I sat alongside the road and shot away until it was time to set up for sunset.

Backlight makes the petals translucent and creates a very dark background, one of my favorite techniques.  Pale peach globemallow was blooming at Silly Mountain in Apache Junction a couple of weeks ago and I was able to make a few images with strong backlight.

Last week I drove along Highway 79 between U.S. 60 and Florence as the highway is lined with a variety of colors of globemallow.  Although there are several places to safely pullover, traffic goes by at 65 mph creating challenging wind.  Even with my Wimberly plamp, it was difficult for macro photography.  When this happens, sometimes it’s fun to make friends with the wind and make impressionistic images as I did with the pink and white globemallow image in the gallery below (click on any photo to see a larger view).

Globemallow, a perennial wildflower, blooms in a variety of colors and is fun to photograph whether it’s a cloudy day, somewhat overcast or a bright sunny day in Arizona.


4 thoughts on “Globemallow – Perennial Wildflower

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you Scott, the orange, desert globemallow, seems to have the most dense of blooms. Both Desert Botanical Garden and Boyce Thompson Arboretum have a variety of colors of globemallow. I have been trying to shoot in new locations this spring. Bartlett Lake is blooming quite nicely right now. The annuals aren’t as plentiful as we had hoped, but the perennials are lush and full of color! Along the road to Bartlett there are some hillsides with large patches of poppies.


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