Hayden Mill Reflection

hayden mill in tempe arizona

Hayden Mill – Tempe, Arizona – Click on the photo to purchase a print.

Historic Hayden Mill and reflection in Tempe Town Lake on a late afternoon/early evening.   This image is in the Monochrome Madness Gallery on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY which will be posted later today.  The gallery is curated by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.

I have made several images at Tempe Town Lake, but on this day it was the first time I had shot Hayden Mill in a portrait orientation.  There is new construction going on and it was making the background cluttered.  I decided to try a portrait orientation and was able to include the reflection in Tempe Town Lake.  Although the light was beautiful on this day, I chose to process this image in both color and black and white.  As the mill is historic and no longer in operation, classic black and white helps portray the feeling of the past.

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