Sonoran Desert

This past week I have been spending time with landscape photography with the Sonoran Desert as my subject. Mostly at sunset, but this morning I was out there for sunrise.  Typically landscape photography and the desert are not my style.  Why the change from flowers and macro photography?  Wildflower season is almost here and I have been scouting a new location.  My landscape photography skills are rusty and this has been a great exercise.  Challenging myself with compositions that are not iconic locations.  Watching the light and sky to see where the color is or will be and breaking out my graduated neutral density filters to even out the light.  What have I learned?  I prefer to shoot the Earth’s shadow at sunset.  I find the juxtaposition of soft pastel colors of pink, purple and blue in the sky with the harsh desert landscape breathtaking.  However, this morning was serene and peaceful, watching the sunrise try to explode and listening to the hawks as the desert was awakening.  As long as the temperatures are cool and the rattlesnakes are not slithering around in the desert, I should spend more time shooting landscape photography in the Sonoran Desert.

All images are available for purchase in my Sonoran Desert Gallery


18 thoughts on “Sonoran Desert

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you! It was so nice out there this morning! Should have gone back for sunset, instead I was at Tempe Town Lake. The sky didn’t explode with color there. Mooned like it did up north….go figure

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      The Sonoran Desert has a wide variety of vegetation. No sand dunes here! Hopefully one day you will have the opportunity to see a desert whether it be the Sonoran or another!



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