Monochrome or Color?

Monochrome or color?  This image was previously shared in color and I was curious as to how it would look in black and white.  It is in the Monochrome Madness gallery that will be posted later today on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY blog.  Let me know if you have a preference to the  monochrome or color version and why!

mcdowell mountain sonoran preserve dusted with snow

McDowell Mountain Sonoran Preserve dusted with snow



16 thoughts on “Monochrome or Color?

  1. mrsbearfoot

    I love the color version. 🙂 Here in the Midwest I hear comments about how there is no color in the desert, other than brown. How incorrect that assessment is. Just look at all that gorgeous winter green, and highlighted so by the snow on the mountains. As you and I both know, there is no limit of color in the desert at any time of the year. 🙂

    P.S., the B&W is nice, too.


  2. darwinontherocks

    First, I think this is a great shot and great composition. I prefer the colour version, and I will try to explain why. In the colour version, the green tones are very soft and go well with the grey sky. There is not so much contrast, it’s smooth, and it’s a bit melancholic. and peaceful Here, in the b&w version, I don’t have the same feeling. I would have preferred the b&w if the contrast was a bit stronger.


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