Superstition Mountains – A First

Superstition Mountains with snow

Superstition Mountains Winter Sunset – Click on the image to purchase a print


After living in Phoenix for over 28 years, I finally photographed the Superstition Mountains tonight for the first time!  Although there was quite a bit of snow on New Year’s Day, I was taken aback when seeing some snow still remaining.  This side of the mountain faces north and is in shadow for most of the day.  My intention was to photograph the full moon, but it didn’t come up where I thought.  As I had driven 35 miles to this location, a plan B was quickly formed.  The plan was to stay until after dark and hope that the moon would cast enough light on the snow for a unique photo.  This image was taken about 20 minutes after sunset and you can see the red glow illuminating the mountain.  Plan B didn’t work as I had hoped, but certainly would like to try again.  As it is the first of a new year, I may decide to shoot more places for the first time.  For now, the Superstition Mountains – A First.


4 thoughts on “Superstition Mountains – A First

  1. mrsbearfoot

    What a lovely capture of our ‘home away from home!’ With all your previous trips to Boyce Thompson, I’m surprised this is your first photographic effort of the Superstitions. 🙂
    Mike was happy to see this image and your other snow images, as well.



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