Merry Christmas from the Desert Southwest!

After a sunrise shoot at Tempe Town Lake a couple of days ago, I went to the Desert Botanical Garden. The garden is a short distance from the lake and it seemed silly not to stop to see what I could find. Walking around the garden with only a few people it didn’t feel like being in the city. Much to my surprise was a large grouping of poinsettias completely covered in dew! With the early morning light they were so beautiful I stopped dead in my tracks and made several images.  The vibrant red poinsettias looked like they were covered in sparkling sugar.  I walked around the garden to look at all of the poinsettias to see what other images I could make and none were covered in dew.  From the desert southwest I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

poinsettia with dewdrops at Desert Botanical Garden

Vibrant red poinsettia in the morning light covered in dew that looked like sparkling sugar! Click on the photo to see a full resolution image or to purchase a greeting card.


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