Paper Whites – A Feminine Look

Paper Whites are my current favorite flower to photograph. Below is another image of the Paper Whites I photographed last week. While shooting I am thinking about whether it will be a square format image, an 8 x 10 or full frame. With these three flowers I was able to make both a square image in one shot and then move my tripod and make an 8 x 10 image. While looking for an image for this week’s Monochrome Madness gallery on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, I chose this image. At first I tried processing in black and white, but it didn’t seem right. I then chose to make it similar to sepia. Technically it is a split-tone image, but with only one color I still consider it monochrome and I’m sure some will disagree and that’s okay. To give it a feminine look I added a soft white vignette to complete the look I wanted for this image.  Paper Whites another traditional Christmas flower looking quite different in monochrome, isn’t digital photography wonderful?

paper whites

Paper Whites processed for a more feminine look. To see a high resolution image or purchase a print, click on the image.


What do you think?

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