Friday Floral – Paper Whites

Traditional paper whites and macro photography was not part of Plan B yesterday nor a potential subject for a Friday Floral post.  Whilst most people think of poinsettias as being the traditional flower during the Christmas season, paper whites are another traditional flower.  Paper whites (Narcissus tazetta) are a bulb flower that is easy to grow and native to Europe and Asia.  This fragrant flower is part of the daffodil family, but is quite smaller. This winter flower is quite delicate with its clusters of star-shaped flowers and long thin stems and used in many simple and elegant floral arrangements. An interesting note, this bulb flower only blooms once unlike other bulb flowers.

In my previous post, Poinsettias and Raindrops, I mentioned a Plan B.  I worked on that plan yesterday and will write about it  another day. You can click on the photo to view a high resolution image and/or purchase a print.  For now, paper whites and macro photography for this week’s Friday Floral post.

paper white flowers

Paper white flowers (Narcissus tazetta) a beautiful winter flower


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