Poinsettias and Raindrops

While out and about tonight, I saw a large grouping of red poinsettias and it had just rained.  Flowers and raindrops, two of my favorite macro photography subjects!  And only a handful of people around.  Unfortunately, I only had my compact camera with me and oh how I wish my regular camera gear had been with me!

The raindrops in the very low available light looked like rubies laying on the petals.  I had to raise the ISO to 3200 creating an extreme amount of noise in the images.  Even with post processing in Lightroom and using the noise reduction tool, the images still look grainy.  Additional noise reduction made the petals too smooth, so I settled for the grain.

The forecast is for more rain tonight and tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping the forecast is correct and that I can attempt to make some similar images with my regular gear.  As these are displayed in public, but on private property, I’ll need to make sure I have permission to shoot with my regular macro photography setup.  If not, I already have a Plan B!  Who can resist beautiful red poinsettias and raindrops?



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