Macro Photography and Monochrome

Last week I went to the Desert Botanical Garden to shoot specifically macro photography and images that could be converted to monochrome.  Limiting yourself to one lens and one type of photo in mind is a good challenge.  That day I saw the garden in a different perspective.  Usually I’m looking for vibrant and contrasting colors.  While walking the many trails in the garden, I was looking for texture and colors that would show contrast in monochrome.  In the Cactus and Succulent Gallery was a Bromeliaceae (Deuteronhnia brevifolia) plant I had not seen before.  It is part of the pineapple family and is native to the NW Argentina region to Bolivia.  The sign also stated winter which typically means that is when the plant will bloom.  A new plant for me to keep an eye on for future macro photography and specifically flowers!

bromeliaceae at Desert Botanical Garden

Bromelicaeae part of the pineapple family

This image is in the Monochrome Madness gallery on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY this week.

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