Textured Photography

I have written about textured photography before and whether it was still a photograph or now digital art.  Some like it and some don’t.    The past few days I have been in an artistic/creative mood.  Taking my photos from Lightroom into Photoshop Elements and adding layer(s) of texture and on a couple adding a photo filter layer.  In the gallery below are a few I have been working on and you can click on each one to see a larger version.

While the photo of the desert bluebells and maple leaves were okay on their own, I think the final versions are stronger images.  What I like about the desert bluebells image, is the background and how it has just a touch of a painterly feel to it now.  The maple leaves image now has a more autumn fell to it by making the background a warm tone.  And the clipper butterfly image, well I will be brave and show you the before image.



Change your mind about images that have had more than basic post processing?  Leave me a comment, I would enjoy hearing from you!


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