Wildflower Or A Weed?

Recently I wrote an article Monochrome – Is It My Style and this image continues with my search for the answer.  Perusing my archives looking at images from a different perspective, along with cleaning out my files, I came across this image.  If you have been following me for a while, you know that wildflowers are my passion when it comes to photography.  While you might think this is an interesting wildflower or a weed, it is actually the seed head of a Silver Puff (Uropappus lindleyi) wildflower.  A small yellow wildflower typically not noticed until it goes to seed and is native to the Western United States.. The seed head is approximately 1 inch in diameter.  The USDA has it classified as Microseris lindleyi.

This image was made about a year and a half ago, the same day as photos from my post Eek!  That’s a Rattlesnake!  When processing my images from that day, it did not occur to me to convert this image to black and white, but as I have been working on seeing and processing that genre, it caught my attention.  During processing, I burned some areas, added a vignette and used a blue filter.

This image appears in the Monochrome Madness gallery at Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

silver puff seed heads wildflower

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