Friday Floral – Orange

This cactus flower image was taken this spring at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ. The image has been sitting on my hard drive for several months as I have had mixed thoughts on whether I like it. When going through my files from this spring, it is surprising how many cactus flower images I made. Typically I concentrate on wildflowers, but this year was different. Why? I don’t know, but for some reason they caught my attention and my photography was different this spring.  And I like different!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! For some of you, fall is here. But for those of us in the desert, temperatures below 100 will be quite welcoming!

orange cactus flower desert botanical garden

Click on the photo to purchase a print!

2 thoughts on “Friday Floral – Orange

  1. Bob

    Tammy….I have been to the Botanical Desert Museum

    In Phoenix a couple of times….A favorite destination,..

    Thanks for the cactus flowers…



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