Lightning and a Rainbow

Almost 2 minute video of the monsoon storm tonight.  Lightning and a rainbow!


14 thoughts on “Lightning and a Rainbow

  1. karengadient

    Love the video! We were on the 202 when that came down over us. Couldn’t see the cars ahead. When it finally stopped, we drove on… only to drive right into some ‘fog’, which turned out to be a dust storm. However, we were also greeted by a rainbow before the rain hit again. 🙂

  2. jamiechristinephotography

    It was cool to see the light changes in the clouds. Where I am, we only got dust and thunder. No rain.

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you! We didn’t get rain with this storm either….just some heavy sprinkles. But during the night another storm came through and we did get rain. The light was so amazing I had to video to capture it all. The lightning was bit too close for comfort when I was standing outside.

  3. smilingtoad

    Ooooo what a smoldering sky! What colour. I love monsoon storms. I love to watch them boil over the sea in the summer, here. Ethereal, raw and dangerous, and so beautiful. Wonderful video. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

      1. smilingtoad

        Yes, I can relate to that! I have been daft enough to be out bumbling about caught in storms like this where the lightning struck so close that car-alarms began to sound around me! Glad you were unscathed in your pursuit of this natural beauty. Cheers!

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