Saguaro Silhouette

A cliche southwest sunset at the Desert Botanical Garden with a saguaro cactus and the buttes of Papago Park.

saguaro cactus sunset silhouette

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal. ~ Elbert Hubbard



Weekly Photo Challenge


17 thoughts on “Saguaro Silhouette

  1. Bob

    Tammy…I have been there…but not at sunset. I did capture a pix of the full moon setting

    Early in the morning…framed with a palm tree….when we were visiting friends in Mesa about

    5 years ago….It was a good one….but cannot find the print. Drove by Marie’s flower garden

    at our house in town today….the one where you photographed her flowers…which we had framed.

    There were no flowers….just weeds. I felt like crying…….


      1. The Road to Joy

        Love your pictures, Tamara! We live in Scottsdale and know how hard it is to capture these views at just the right moment, as you do. Thank you for your “Likes” on my blog, too, for posts about my great grandfather and my beloved childhood fur friend, Teddy.

  2. solarbeez

    When I was a kid in Phoenix, my friend and I would ride our bikes up McDowell Rd. to Papago Park. That was before the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was a long ride for us at the time so we’d have a picnic lunch at the top. I’m not sure if you can still climb around up there but it sure was fun. Nice photo of the sunset with the Saguaro in the foreground. Looks like you didn’t use a sunset filter either. 🙂

      1. solarbeez

        I’ve taken my share of sunsets. When I found out about sunset filters, I’d carry them along just in case the sunset didn’t go as planned. 🙂

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