Monsoon Raindrops

Late yesterday afternoon and early evening we had quite the monsoon storm at our house and was the second storm in less than 24 hours.  I had been sitting on our patio drinking a glass of wine and eating some cheese and crackers enjoying the rain and cooler temperature.  It rained for over an hour and at times was quite the downpour.  As I was watching the radar, I saw there was a break in the storm before the next round of rain came.  Perfect chance to do some macro photography of raindrops on my elephant ear plant which is a succulent!    Quickly, I went inside and grabbed my camera and tripod.  Less than 10 minutes after I started shooting, I heard thunder and decided not to chance getting soaked in a downpour, especially since the rain cover for my camera was inside, and I went back onto our covered patio.  About 5 minutes later, it started to rain again.  By the time the rain stopped again, it was too dark to do any more macro photography of raindrops.

10 thoughts on “Monsoon Raindrops

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thanks Lindy! This plant always has big raindrops with great reflections. Unfortunately, with only 10 minutes to shoot, I didn’t have time to check the rest of the backyard.


  1. smilingtoad

    These are so beautiful, really capturing the mood of monsoon indeed. Majestic rain drops and such lush life to your succulent there! I love the monsoon rains, here- invigorating, always bringing relief, rainbows and astounding sunsets. Beautiful entry. Smiling cheers,

    Autumn Jade


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