Arizona Monsoon

After waiting for 5 months for rain at our house, we had quite the monsoon storm last night here in Arizona.  I saw lightning to the south and said “I’m not going to get my hopes up”.  After several minutes I decided to see what it looked like from our driveway which looks to the north.  There was lightning to the north, east and south and almost continual strikes.  Some strikes were cloud to cloud and then really bright strikes from cloud to ground.  I decided to forego getting out my DSLR and tripod to shoot lightning as it was rather close.  About 5 minutes later this was happening!  This video was taken with my Nikon P7000 compact camera.


4 thoughts on “Arizona Monsoon

  1. solarbeez

    I hope that eases your drought situation a little bit. I grew up in Phoenix. I remember those awesome thunder and lightning storms. One time I took my camera up on Camelback and shot a long exposure of about 5 or 6 lightning strikes. That was back in the 60’s, using b/w cut film in my old Speed Graphic camera.


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