A New Challenge

I can’t believe it’s been a year since starting this blog! A new challenge it was and still is.

Earlier in the year I had changed the layout, but it never felt right. So today it only seemed appropriate to change the layout to the original! A few more subtle changes will be coming in this next week.

And can I tell you, I really do feel better now that my blog layout is back to the way it was! For fun, here is my very first blog post!

Different Isn't Wrong, It's Just Different


A couple months ago, while attending my aunt’s memorial service, I shared several of my photos with my cousins.  As I was showing the photos I was telling the stories behind the photos.  My cousin Tammy asked if I write down my stories.  The thought of starting a blog had crossed my mind and with that question I realized it was time to seriously consider that thought.

Writing was a challenge for me in high school and college.  Hmm, a new challenge was coming into view.  Many questions came to mind:

1.            Am I up to the challenge?

2.            What would I write about?

3.            Can I write stories that people would find interesting or entertaining and follow my blog?

4.            What would the title be?

As all these questions were buzzing around in my head, inspiration was needed.  A few years ago my cousin Kent and his wife Pat…

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