Friday Floral – Awaiting Monsoon Season

This photo was taken last summer up in the high country just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Most people think the entire state is desert, however, when you drive north or even to the east the elevation is much higher.  Flagstaff is approximately 7,000 feet above elevation.  The wildflowers will not bloom until late summer and that is only if we have rain during the monsoon season.  It has been so dry this year, that even with rain during monsoon season the flowers may not have a good showing.  It has to rain a few months before so the seeds can germinate.  Nevertheless, I am hoping to travel up north for more wildflowers!

purple wildflowers and pine trees

5 thoughts on “Friday Floral – Awaiting Monsoon Season

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      The high country receives a significant amount of rain, more than two inches. In the valley, it depends where. Sometimes we receive two inches with just one storm.

      1. solarbeez

        Hope you get it. My sister in PHX says its been sooo dry (“there was not much of a winter”) When I lived there, six inches was the annual rainfall. In Oregon it’s 60 inches.

  1. mrsbearfoot

    Hope you have good luck in finding some more wildflowers. 🙂

    Sounds crazy, but I miss the monsoon season in AZ. However, I don’t miss getting caught on the freeway in a dust storm!


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