Throwback Thursday

It’s summer and triple digits and all I can think about is cooler weather.  And summer hasn’t even officially started.

Yesterday I was selecting images to put on my website and came across this image.  It was taken in the fall of 2012 along Hart Prairie Road in Flagstaff, AZ.  I have contemplated ever since this image was made of whether or not I like it.

yellow Abstract Aspen during the fall

I realized that the story behind this image and another from the same day had never been told.  It was the first time I had gone out on my own to photograph outside of Phoenix.  The night before I watched the weather as snow was forecast for Flagstaff and the Aspens had turned golden.

Waiting for the temperature to rise so that the ice would be melted along I-17, I packed my gear and cold weather clothing.  I was so excited to shoot the golden Aspens with snow!  For safety, my husband knew exactly where I would be shooting.  The plan was if he hadn’t heard from me by 6 p.m. that evening, to call authorities.

When I turned onto Snowbowl Road there was a sign stating that chains were recommended.  Even though I live in the desert, I do have chains.  My chains were at home in the garage so I decided to head on up the mountain and see how far I could get.  The road was wet, but not icy, at least at the bottom.

Along the RoadI stopped a couple of times on the way to take some photos.  It was snowing, but there were so many people on the road I felt comfortable in case I did have some trouble.





Almost Winter


After making the above  image, I turned around and made this image.  A couple who was visiting Northern Arizona from the Midwest stopped and asked if I would take their photo.  Of course I obliged and said, “see you at the top!”




Between Seasons


Once I got to Aspen Corner, there was a crowd of people.  So many people playing in the snow, not to mention all the people making photos!  It was quite a sight, to see Aspen Corner between seasons with the golden leaves and fresh snow.


I then decided to go back down the mountain and drive along Hart Prairie Road.  Just a couple of weeks earlier I had driven down this well maintained dirt forest road, but there were some large ruts from monsoon season in late summer.  I was a little bit concerned about getting stuck, but took my chances.  Hoping the clouds would clear, a late afternoon shot of Mt. Humphrey with golden aspens and snow was my vision.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

It was very late in the afternoon and I decided it was time to head back to Phoenix.  There were places along the road that still had ruts and were quite muddy.  I drove fast through those areas  splattering mud all over my SUV and the mud flaps were caked with mud!  At least I didn’t get stuck.

One last stop to make some images along Hart Prairie Road and decided to make some abstract images of the aspens and pine trees.  It was at this point I made the first image above, Abstract Aspen.  It is quite different than the classic landscape images made earlier that day.

Let me know what you think of Abstract Aspen!

Here is a gallery and you can click on each one to see a larger view.



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