Friday Floral – Pink Explosion

Recently my night blooming cactus had seven blooms that opened all on the same night.  Well at least three of them opened and the other four only half opened.   It wasn’t the Flying Saucer that I had hoped for, but still beautiful.  The second morning after they opened, when I went outside, the blooms were still open!  Usually they wilt after the first day, what a surprise! And the four that were only half open the day before, had opened even more.

The sun was already quite high as it was three hours after sunrise.  I quickly went inside and grabbed all my gear.  Once again, I moved the container.  This time instead of a sunny area, I chose an area that was lightly shaded but would still be able to reflect the sun with my reflector.  The background was now too bright and took away from the blooms.  Going back inside I grabbed a black apron my husband wears for work.  I chose his apron over my black reflector because the fabric is matte whereas my reflector has a slight sheen which might have reflected unwanted light.

I was excited that the pistols had opened more and looked as if they were coated with sugar.  That is my favorite part of the bloom of the night blooming cactus and I made a few close images.  After shooting for about 45 minutes, the sun was now so high a diffuser would be needed or moving the container once again and, as it is rather heavy, I chose to stop.  Below is a gallery of images from the second day of pink explosion!


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