The Night Bloomers Opened!

pink cactus flower night blooming

They opened!  My night blooming cactus bloomed last night much to my surprise.  I thought it would be another day or two, but I decided to go out and check about 9 p.m. and three had started to open.  So much for trying time-lapse, I was too late.  But with four more blooms to open, another chance would be possible, so I thought.  I immediately went in and brought my camera and tripod to make a few images.  Thinking they would open rather quickly, I left camera outside while I was working on another project inside.



pink cactus flower night bloomingEvery so often I would go back out and check on the progress.  This second image was taken almost an hour later than the first image.  They were opening much slower than expected.  But the biggest surprise was when I checked on them at about 10:30 or 11:00 and noticed that the other four blooms had started to open.  The possibility of trying time-lapse was now gone.  At least for now.   I finally decided to call it a night about midnight and set my alarm for 5:25 a.m.

This morning my alarm went off and I had little trouble getting up even though it had been a short night or was it a very long nap?  I pulled on a lightweight sweatshirt and grabbed my camera and tripod.  A sweatshirt?  Yes, we are having three days of high temps in the 80’s making the early morning temps down into the hight 50’s or low 60’s.  A great break from the 100’s we had over the weekend.

pink cactus flower night blooming



I started out shooting just before sunrise and the light was very cool.  Not my favorite light for macro, but started shooting anyway.  I made several images and then decided to move the container to where it would be in the warm sunlight once the sun was high enough to be over our block wall.   This image as well as the next image were taken before I moved the container.


pink cactus flower night blooming


For some reason the four blooms that started to open very late, did not fully open.  I was quite disappointed when seeing they were only open halfway. Strange how nature works sometimes.

pink cactus flower night blooming



Once the sun was high enough there were a few clouds in the way.  One of the few times I wasn’t happy with clouds.  I waited for the sun to rise above the clouds and started shooting away.  Even though I was able to place the container in any direction to manipulate the light, I still used my reflector.  I just can’t get enough of the warm light you can bring into an image with  a gold reflector.  I had to work fast as the sun was quickly rising.

pink cactus flower night blooming



Trying to come up with every composition possible, time was not on my side.



pink cactus flower night blooming


I kept moving my tripod closer to see how close I could get.  I wanted to show as much detail of the inside of the bloom as possible.



There are other images to be processed, but I’ll save them for another post.

Here is a gallery of the images so you may see them in a larger size by clicking on each one.

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