Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

For many spring has finally sprung, but here in the Southwest, spring started way back in early February.  As I have been shooting wildflowers since January and already shared so many, here is a gallery of a few images previously shared in other posts.

Stay tuned for more images in future posts!



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you Kathy! I actually bought one after photographing them this spring. I have always passed on photographing them and then this year looked through my macro lens and was infatuated!



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      1. Nancy

        Yes… I am experiencing my first spring in the desert. It is truly spectacular! I am just North of Phoenix. I get out 4 wheeling and see the desert up close and personal. The views, the mountains, the cacti, and now the flowers are just breath taking!


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