Stillness and Smiling

This morning I rose at 5 a.m. to go shoot night blooming cactus (Echinopsis candican, commonly known as the Argentine giant) just as the sun was rising,  That hour may seem very early, but actually it was sleeping in for a sunrise that was at 5:41 a.m. and I only had to travel a short distance.  There were several in bloom at the private property where I photographed before.  I had seen them last night while taking Molly for a walk.

I thought about shooting them last night as you can make such dramatic images of them in the dark. three white night blooming cactus flowers However, the wind had kicked up and I knew it would be impossible to get a good image.  It was just too windy!  Sometimes wind can be your friend and impressionistic images can be made, but not last night.  So Plan B was to get up before sunrise and shoot at first light.  I checked The Photographer’s Ephemeris app and checked the exact time of sunrise and the angle of the sun.  I zoomed in on the home to see where in the front yard the sun would be.  Perfect angle!



white night blooming cactus flowers


Unfortunately the wind was still too strong when I got up this morning!  I thought about trying to shoot anyway and see if I could make the wind work in my shots, but decided against it.



Plan C,  post a couple of images made the second night I shot of the night blooming cactus a few weeks ago.  The first image, Stillness, because I was remembering how still it was that night, no wind, no one around, just quietly shooting. The second image, Smile, is what I saw while processing.  A bit of a crooked smile, but smiling was what I was doing that night!

Below are the images in full size.

white night blooming cactus flowers



white night blooming cactus flowers

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