Close-Up with Cacti

As a rule you want to stay away from cactus.  The spines can be quite sharp depending on the species and some will shoot their spines at you (teddy bear cholla also known as jumping cholla).  Even so, in the spring the blooms on the cacti are amazing.  All colors of the rainbow can be found.

Saturday night my husband and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden so he could see the Chihuly in the Garden exhibit.  There was a Chihuly exhibit at the garden in 2009 and I made several images.  I haven’t been happy with my photos from the current exhibit, but here is one I shared previously.

I have been watching several of the night blooming cacti and a few others that have yet to bloom and went to do more scouting.  I made a few photos in the late afternoon/early evening light.  This time of day I tend to make better images of cactus blooms at the garden than in the early morning. It was very busy in the garden and we didn’t stay late.  I was hoping to find a night blooming cactus bloom that would be opening and watch it open.  The garden has been staying open until midnight on Saturdays for better viewing of the Chihuly exhibit at night so it would have been the perfect opportunity to watch a bloom open.

There were a few shots that I thought would be better in the early morning light, so yesterday I made another trip to the garden arriving at 7 a.m.

Here are a few from this weekend with two taken in the early evening and one in the morning.  Can you tell which one was taken in the morning?  Click on each one for a larger image.  Let me know by leaving a comment!

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