Wildlife and Macro

I spend a fair amount of time shooting at the Desert Botanical Garden.  Members have the privilege of being able to enter an hour earlier than the public on Sundays and Wednesdays.  So this morning I was at the garden at 7 a.m.  As the sun is rising earlier and already stronger than I would like, I am anxious for summer hours when members can get in at 6 a.m.

My passion is macro photography of the flora and fauna in the garden.  However, this morning a lizard was posing for me on a rock. He/she didn’t seem to care that I was so close making it rather easy for me to get a shot with my macro lens.  Certainly not the lens of choice for people who shoot wildlife, but that’s what was attached to my camera body.  Knowing my macro lens has such a shallow depth of field, I shot this image at F11 to ensure the entire body would be sharp.  The background is certainly too busy and should I come across this opportunity again, I’ll decrease my depth of field.

Nonetheless, a fun photo to share from this morning!

lizard on rock


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