Friday Floral – Struggling

For this week’s Friday Floral post I decided to write about struggling.  Lupine is one wildflower I enjoy photographing.  The deep purple hue is so striking with the green foliage.  The  contrast of the rounded leaves and tall flower also catch my eye. However, this year I struggled to make an image I was happy with.

I made several images at the Desert Botanical Garden this year early in the morning.  The light was incredible, the specimens plentiful, but my compositions lack the wow factor for me and seem trite.



This first image I published in my post Friday Floral – Morning Light.  The sidelight is pretty, the bokeh is nice, but overall the image is just okay for me.





Here are a few more images of lupine from this year I’m only okay with.


This last image was made in 2012 in Acadia National Park and my favorite lupine image.  I was participating in a photography workshop through Arizona Highways Photo Workshops and this photo was made on our first morning shoot.  My trip to Maine was good for me on so many levels and maybe it is the special time there that makes it hard for me to create another lupine image I’m happy with.

lupine in bloom

Portrait of a Lupine


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