Blood Moon in the Desert

Last night I stayed up late to watch and photograph the lunar eclipse and the blood moon.  Fortunately here in Arizona it wasn’t as late as the east coast of the U.S.

There were three of us plus Molly as she is a traveling dog.  My husband, his brother and myself drove about 40 miles north of where we live in Phoenix to get away from the city lights.  We pulled off the freeway and parked in a dirt parking area near Agua Fria National Monument.  We decided to stay in the parking lot instead of traveling further down a dirt road.  We were all a little nervous about the wildlife in the area.  I kept Molly in the car as I knew any coyotes in the area would not be domesticated like they are in the city.  I carry a very loud whistle with me when out shooting in case I need help or to scare wildlife away.  And it does work, a few weeks ago a coyote was too close while walking Molly and I blew it and the coyote took off running.  Yes, even in a very large city we have coyotes.  And as far as rattlesnakes, I was nervous, but knew that it was too cold for them to be out slithering around the desert.

The temperature was much cooler than I expected and was sorry my fleece jacket and gloves were at home.  I do keep a blanket in my small SUV at all times and actually gave that to my brother-in-law to use.  My husband had on a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt.  And me?  I only had on a short-sleeve t-shirt.  I was able to handle the cold better than the guys and they are originally from Michigan and I’m from Iowa.

My 70-300mm lens is old and I should replace it with a better lens.  For some reason it doesn’t like to talk to my Nikon D7000.  Knowing my images wouldn’t be as sharp as I would like, I still stayed up late and made the trek further north to watch the lunar eclipse.  Why?  Because I wanted to experience watching this incredible event.

This first image was taken when the eclipse was just starting.  Even though we were away from city lights, the moon was so bright we didn’t see as many stars as expected.


Here are a few more images as the eclipse was happening.  Several times I had to adjust my composition to keep the moon in the frame.


blood moon


The next image you can really see the star to the lower right of the moon.  And it looked this blue to my eye.

blood moon


Here is my final image of the blood moon in the desert.  I did use the adjustment brush in Lightroom to bring out more of the stars.  This is actually how I saw the sky.


blood moon

So for those of you unable to watch this incredible event, I hope you enjoy seeing my photos from last night’s lunar eclipse and the blood moon as see in the Arizona desert!


5 thoughts on “Blood Moon in the Desert

  1. mrsbearfoot

    Tamara, these are wonderful! I am so glad you were able to capture the blood moon! We are on EST and I stayed up, hoping to catch a glimpse and maybe a photo, but it was not to be. I saw the moon once through a hole in the clouds at 2:00 a.m., and the rest of the night was cloudy and raining/snowing. 😦 Thankfully, I was able to watch it live via the Internet. I knew it would be amazing, especially in the desert!

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you Lindy! It was definitely a sight to experience and am looking forward to watching the lunar eclipse in October! Learned quite a bit last night and have 6 months to improve.


  2. Bob

    TAMMY….Your Blood Moon pix are “out of this World”….Totally fantastic….and definitely worth staying up…

    Braving the cold and AZ. Night critters. Hope ya slept in this morning.

    You are a “Pro”….I am proud of you and your talent !



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