Night Blooming Cactus

About a week we were taking Molly for her daily walk on our usual 1.7 mile route.  As we were walking by a home that has night blooming cactus we said hello and I noticed there were several blooms on one of the cactus.  I commented on the number of blooms to the homeowner and how I have enjoyed seeing them for several years.  During the conversation Bob said, “she would really like to photograph them, that’s what she does”.  The homeowner invited me to photograph them whenever I wanted.  Even though they bloom late at night she assured me I would not disturb them.  I was beyond excited!

So for the last week I have been walking by daily keeping a close eye on the blooms. Yesterday I went out to run an errand and drove by this home to check on the blooms.  It looked as if they were started to open and it was early afternoon.  By the time I took Molly for her walk around 6 p.m. the blooms were most of the way open.  This was really early in the day for them to be open, but great for me.  That meant I could photograph them much earlier in the evening instead of very late at night.  I was so excited to be able to photograph these incredibly beautiful flowers at night!  At the end of this post will be a gallery so you can see the images in a larger size.

Trying to focus with a macro lens at night is quite the challenge!white night blooming cactus flowers  However, I was determined to make it work.  Using the flashlight I carry in my camera bag, I lit the flowers with front light to make sure my focus  was sharp.  Due to my flashlight being too yellow I used my headlamp which has a LED light and is much cooler.  Still, getting the white balance correct during post processing was quite a challenge.  Some of the images, l may go back and tweak the white balance.




white night blooming cactus flowers

A few people walked by and looked at me and I could tell they were wondering what I was doing.  Maybe I startled them as the yard was rather dark even with the landscape lighting and the street light.  I continued on my quest to make several images hoping I wasn’t disturbing the homeowners.  After about an hour and a half I loaded up my gear and headed home excited to see the images!


white night blooming cactus flowers



This image reminded me of a spider, I’ll have to come up with a creative title for the image.




I would have shared this last night or earlier today, however, I wanted to show the images to the homeowner before sharing with the world.  As a thank you, I’ll be having a print made of this final image from last night for the homeowners.

white night blooming cactus flowers

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5 thoughts on “Night Blooming Cactus

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      I hope so, she gave me the frame to measure so I can order the right size print. This morning I went to DBG and several had opened there too. Unfortunately still no pink ones.


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