Friday Floral – Weekly Challenge: Threshold

All week I have contemplated this week’s Friday Floral post.  Which image(s) to share, possibly a story, how I made the image(s) or even a gallery.

Every Friday, WordPress has a Weekly Photo Challenge for all bloggers and this week’s theme is Threshold.  Suggestions were given and when I read “something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom” it reminded me of some images I made last spring.

All three images are of Trichocereus Hybrid commonly known as Flying Saucer.  This type of cactus is a night-blooming species with the blooms being about 6 inches in diameter.  The blooms open at night and once the sun hits them the next day it doesn’t take long for the blooms to wilt.   I was fortunate to be at the Desert Botanical Garden one evening just as two blooms were beginning to open.

This first image was taken about a half hour before sunset in a shaded area of the garden.  The blooms are just starting to open.

pink cactus flowers

I waited patiently and watched the blooms open, flashlight in hand that I keep in my camera bag, to illuminate the blooms as they opened.  It is quite a sight to see, and would be a great time-lapse photography project!

pink cactus flowers

Unfortunately, I was unable to go back early the next morning to make images of the blooms fully opened.  However, a week later there was another bloom that opened that I was able to capture very early in the morning.

pink cactus flower

The cacti are already blooming and it won’t be long before the night-blooming species will be blooming as well.  As with the wildflowers, the cacti are blooming earlier than usual this year which means the scorching summer will be here soon.




17 thoughts on “Friday Floral – Weekly Challenge: Threshold

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  7. Bob

    Tammy ….You never cease to impress me with your professional talent…..I love to view fantastic photos.

    YOU are an ARTIST…..Proud of ya…..


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