Until Next Year


The past couple of months the wildflowers in my yard have been in full bloom.  Unfortunately, it is now  time to say goodbye until next year.






The once vibrant color in my front yard is now brown.  The wildflowers have gone to seed, but not yet released them.  Once they do, the Gambel Quail and Doves will be feasting.  We have seen a couple of pair of Gambel Quail walking along the top of our block wall in the back yard.  One pair looked as if they were looking to make a nest which would have been fun to watch.  However, they must have discovered it was Molly’s turf and found somewhere else to nest.



But before I could completely say goodbye, I made a few more images yesterday of some poppies still blooming.  It was an overcast and extremely windy afternoon, perfect for some artistic images.

One last note, it will take about 10 hours to clean up the front yard, but so worth all of the labor!

mexican gold poppy

mexican gold poppy

4 thoughts on “Until Next Year

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      The wildflower is still in the early season for Arizona. They will start blooming further north. Interestingly, wildflowers bloom from February until September depending on the part of the state. Then in September fall color starts in the far north of the state and lasts until December in the desert.

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Yes, I live in that area. Way back in 2005 I purchased a small package of wildflowers (lupine, Mexican gold poppies, California poppies and desert bluebells). Since then I let them go to see and re-seed and now they cover the entire front yard. The last few years Yellow Fiddleneck has come up in the yard without my seeding them. I enjoy watching the Gambel Quail, they are so cute!



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