More Than Flowers

Some of you who have been following the past several weeks may think I only photograph flowers.  However, I do photograph more than flowers.  Macro is my passion when it comes to photography and I can usually find something to photograph wherever I am.  Years ago when I first started becoming interested in learning how to shoot close-up, I bought HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH Close-ups in Nature by Nancy Rotenberg and Michael Lustbader.  I was immediately hooked on macro photography.

Unfortunately Nancy is no longer with us.  She passed away in 2011. You can see her photos at Natural Tapestries.  Is that not an incredible name for a website?  She use to teach macro photography on her farm in Pennsylvania.  Being one of her students was something I had dreamed about, but it only remained a dream .   Maybe someday I’ll have my own “farm” and teach macro photography.  That would certainly be a dream come true!

“We must remember to slow down – to take little bites – to savor the pleasure while finding ways to meet the cravings.”  ~ Nancy Rotenberg

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The above butterflies were all photographed in captivity at Butterfly Wonderland.


3 thoughts on “More Than Flowers

    1. tbeckerphotos Post author

      Thank you Lindy! It is a great place to photograph butterflies in captivity. Hot and humid inside, 85 degrees and 85% humidity. I went during the summer and it was a relief to walk outside into 110 degrees and very low humidity!


      1. mrsbearfoot

        Ahh, 85F and 85%…a typical Indiana summer day! :-p Believe it or not, Mike and I actually prefer AZ summers over Indiana summers for just that reason.

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