Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

These photos have nothing to do with nature or outdoor photography, but I couldn’t resist sharing.  Besides, for my regular followers, something different!

About six years ago while visiting my family in Iowa, for my brother’s 50th birthday party which was in January no less, opportunity knocked and I answered.  The opportunity was to go inside my childhood dentist’s office which had been sitting empty since the early 1980’s.  A bit more history is my mom worked for this particular dentist back in the 1950’s in the front office.  That connection is how I was given access to photograph the office.  My sister, one of my cousin’s and his wife also went.  It was my cousin’s wife who called the owner and mentioned I was in town and happened to be a photographer.  Bingo!  Access granted!

Little did we know it would be like walking back in time.  So many things still in place just as it had been left so many years before.  Oh the memories that came to all of us!  Stories that today we can now laugh about, but were frightening back in the day when we were children and patients.

I have several  photos, but chose to share just a few.

old dental office

One of two exam rooms

dental lab coats

The dentist’s “lab” coats.

cigarette butts in ashtray

Shocking that cigarette butts were still in the ashray!

Rotary dial telephone

Rotary dial telephone.

old dental tools

Tools used back in the day for who knows what…quite frightening!



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