Friday Floral – What’s Your Story?

Have you every heard and/or read that your photo should tell a story?  After all a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

blue wildflowers

Tech Info: Nikon D7000 Nkkor Micro 105mm 2.8 f3.0 1/200 sec iso 250 polarizer filter handheld basic post processing

What story can be told in a macro image of wildflowers?  Does this photo look busy or cluttered to you and what could I have possibly been thinking?  Okay, enough questions!

The story is the life of desert bluebells. I took a  photo in Acadia National Park near the Great Meadow of lupine that told a similar story. In this photo there are blooms not yet open, in full bloom, one that is spent and several that have already started to go to seed.  Since this photo was taken in my yard, I could have pulled off anything I wanted and I did.  I removed the spent bloom and took another shot.  When processing both images, I realized the second image, without the spent bloom, no longer told the story I wanted to tell.  Now that you know the story, do you see this photo in a different way?

Remember,  different isn’t wrong, it’s just different!


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