Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Two photos for this week’s challenge Treasure.  A photo of my grandmother at the age of 6 months taken in 1897 next to a lamp she had in her guest bedroom.  The lamp is one of a pair, and were on the vanity.  One of my cousin’s and I use to spend the night at Grandma’s and loved to play dress up sitting at the vanity.  When the lamps were turned on they cast a pink glow.  Also on the vanity were a couple of pieces of depression glass, one that held powder that we loved to put on our faces.

One night while staying at Grandma’s we told her we wished it would snow.  She told us it wouldn’t snow that night.  A perfect example of being careful to what you wish for, it did snow that night so much so that my dad has a hard time coming to pick us up.  He carried both my cousin and I out to the car at the same time and Grandma was worried he would fall or drop both of us.  He didn’t.


This next photo is a close-up of a corduroy quilt my Grandma made for me.  Always on my bed growing up, snuggling with it in the winter while watching tv and then went with me to college.  I no longer use it, but prefer to keep it in storage.




6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

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  6. mrsbearfoot

    What great memories! I love the pink lamp – the etching is similar to that which was on my mother’s crystal goblets. The prisms remind me of my first piano teacher – she had chandeliers and lamps in her home with the crystal prisms. Boy that’s reaching into the cobwebs for me! 😉 So wonderful that you still have the quilt your grandmother made for you. ♥


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