A Walk and Sunset

Late this afternoon I decided to take a drive to Tempe Town Lake with Molly.  The day before the full moon is a perfect time to shoot the moon.  However, Tempe Town Lake is not a good location to do this.  Even so, I took my compact camera with me.


It didn’t take long for Molly to realize there were ducks in the lake and she wanted to see them for herself.   Not a great photo, but hard to get a shot and hold her at the same time. At one point I thought she might try to jump over the wall and into the lake.


We strolled for quite a while and then turned around and headed west.  It was getting to close to sunset and it looked like there would be color in the sky.  We walked across the pedestrian bridge to the north side of the lake and waited for sunset.   And I was not the only photographer there.

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed and glad I had grabbed my compact camera even though there were several contrails.  Enjoy!

20140213-DSCN4456 20140213-DSCN4466 20140213-DSCN4468


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